Big news over at The Cold War this week.  Bellatrix has murdered Ron.  Molly is so phenomenally over the edge that she is scaring me.


Mar. 5th, 2008 12:32 pm
Last night I was given a history lesson on several journal-style HP games from the marvelous [ profile] immlass.  I doubt it will help me play any better, but it does make a few things much funnier.
What does it mean when I keep coming up with scenarios that would make life for my TCW character more and more difficult?  When [ profile] drelmo "helps the GM" like this, I yell at him!

Poor Marcus.

*evil cackle*
I was hesitant to get involved with any of the PBEM or PBJ games that have been going on for years now, because, let's face it, I write like a 15 year-old.  I've read what some of these people are writing, and they're practically at a professional level.  I didn't want to bring down the game.

I got involved with The Cold War because I finally decided that it might be a good exercise (my writing might even improve!), and I really enjoy the setting (as any good 15 year-old would).  Also, hey, all my friends were doing it!  ;)

The past couple of weeks have been such an amazing amount of fun in this game that I am rushing home so that I miss less stuff due to the time I'm in the car driving.  Now that's a damned fine game.  (Yes, I know, it's interactive fiction.  Game is shorter to type/say.)

I have not risen to the level of some of these folks, in my writing or in my level of political machination, but I am not embarrassing myself, and I believe I have made some threads more fun for a few players.  They certainly have done for me.  Truly, it has been a godsend to me over the past few weeks during my medical trauma (or drama, however you like).
In doing a bit of research for an upcoming game, I turned up this interesting fact.  Nicolas Flamel was a real person and, yes, he was famed for figuring out how to create the Philosopher's Stone.  He and his wife, Perenelle, are rumored to still be alive through use of the elixir of life.

The essence of his reputation is that he succeeded at the two magical goals of alchemy -- that he made the Philosopher's Stone which turns lead into gold, and that he and his wife Perenelle achieved immortality.


Perenelle was actually a serious alchemist in her own right, and worked with her husband on the alchemical quest as his partner.

You know you're at a Gaming Convention when...

  • ...there are only three stalls, and yet there is never a wait in the Ladies' Room.

Well, pre-registration closed Friday night, so I've been working my tail off finishing up the latecomers, collecting data, buying materials for registration ($600 at Office Depot!), and generally fighting fires over email.  It's been pretty exhausting.  I'm sure this is nothing compared with what some of the other officers have been doing (hi [ profile] hwrnmnbsol and [ profile] drangelo!), but it has had me pretty frazzled all week.

This week should be the calm before the storm.  Well, at least today and tomorrow should be calm.  Wednesday night Michael and Reema get to our place and the real work begins - putting together all of the documentation and printing out the badges, stickers, maps, orientation packets, etc.  It's always a crazy countdown to OwlCon.  Then, of course, comes the Con itself.  Three days of non-stop craziness.  :)

I can't wait until next Monday.  ;)
Pre-registration for OwlCon is only open for another 2.5 weeks!  Games are starting to fill!  If you want your choice of games, you might think about clicking on the OwlCon website and registering!!

Love always,
Registration Coordinator
OwlCon XXV



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