Last night the power went out in my hotel. I went to bed and, upon awakening (alright, upon being awakened by [ profile] drelmo's text message telling me he is bugging out to Austin) noted that they had still not gotten it working. Outside my window, and down ten stories, there were a gaggle of electricians [1] milling around the transformers, along with 3 SUVs, 3 vans, and the back end of an 18-wheeler. I photo-logged the entire procedure (out of boredom as well as interest) and will post some images as soon as I figure out where to host them.

Being on the 10th floor, I decided to hang out here until the power was back on, as I didn't want to be stuck downstairs with the prospect of climbing back up. I took a cold shower (clearly the water is electrically heated here) and ate some of the food I bought yesterday that would go bad soonest. Sort of like solidarity with my Houston brethren, eh?

At about 11:30, there was a knock on the door from housekeeping. ??? I asked how she got up here and she said that there was one elevator still working. (Later I learned that they had that one on a small emergency generator. I suppose I should have suspected that.) When she was close to being done, the power came back on. Yay!

I went downstairs to buy a couple of water bottles, as I had cleaned myself out of water by then, and I heard from one of the maintenance guys that the main transformer for this, and one other, hotel is under three feet of water. (I guess that thing they were mucking with was not actually the transformer? When I post pictures I suspect someone will help me with identification.) The eighteen wheeler is the new generator that the hotel is now using for power. The guys downstairs were very apologetic, and they gave me the water for free. ;) We'll see if they do anything about the bill when I check out.

Stomach is still stressed, but I have decided to use the Imodium prophylactically, so I'm dealing. [ profile] drangelo is still without power, but he sounds like he is also dealing. It looks like Rice will have him back to work tomorrow, but he is concerned about having access to gasoline for the trek back and forth each day. HP is back open today, but not many people are back there yet. I keep thinking of Pete's situation to keep perspective. I am truly very lucky. I wish my stomach would agree.

[1] Your task for today is to come up with a better term for a group of electricians. A shock of electricians? A bolt? A grid?



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