Lager Rhythms is planning for our next gig on Saturday, June 4th. It will be a House Concert in the Heights (part of Cortlandt Street House Concerts) -- more details coming as soon as they are available.
This year the Lagers are returning to Lights in the Heights! It looks like the weather is going to be marvelous - clear and cold, so we would love to see you there. We will be on a porch that is a bit farther from the main drag than usual. This is good news, in a way, since it looks like we won't be near any really loud bands (or revving motorcycles), although you will have to walk more that usual to get to us.

We will be on the porch of 408 Omar this Saturday evening. Come see us!!
That was probably the best Lager Gig I've ever witnessed. The audience was amazing. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the birth of our 4th CD -- Bass Mettle!
Last night's rehearsal was brutal! I am all about the hot tea today. Mmmm, jasmine. :)

The CD is at the press, and we are cutting it damned close to getting them in time for the gig, so any karma that you want to send our way would be greatly appreciated. We're pretty pleased with the whole thing, and we hope you guys will be too!

We have decided the shirts are a go! They are awesomely cool, but, due to the cost, we are making a relatively small run (around 50, I believe), so they may sell out pretty quickly. (We can only hope so!)

Our final pre-gig run-out will be this coming Monday at the Duck for open mic. If you'd like to get a preview of the gig (including one song that we have never done in front of an audience!) come see us! Open mic usually starts around 8pm, and we try to get on as early as possible, which is usually between 9 and 10. come on out and support your favorite Houston a cappella band!
Last night we went to an open mic at the Last Concert Cafe. The place is well-hidden (no sign, and you actually have to knock on the door to be let in!), but there was a good crowd, and they seemed to be having a lot of fun. The folks who were running the show really seemed to enjoy us, and they asked for us to stay on stage and do more songs (twice!), so I guess we did well. I doubt we got many additional fans out of it, but it was fun to go to a new place and sing.

In a couple of weeks we'll do another open mic (probably at the Duck), and then we'll be ready for the CD release. (By the way, have you gotten your tickets yet? The Duck tends to fill up so you might want to reserve a seat. I'm just sayin'.) We're also working on another outdoor Valhalla gig, which may be before or after the CD release; we're just flying by the seat of our pants with Valhalla, but we love them anyway, 'cuz that's where we were born. :)

Leisa (who is a friggin' artistic MACHINE, I tells ya!) is just putting the finishing touches on the CD design, and then it's off to the press! I'm really getting excited about this!

Come see us!

Sunday, November 14th 6pm
McGonigal's Mucky Duck
Oh, and in case you've forgotten, the Lager Rhythms CD release is quickly approaching!

Sunday, November 14th at 6pm
McGonigel's Mucky Duck

CD music is mixed and mastered and CD cover/liner design has been completed, we're just waiting for a few final artistic tweaks before we send the whole kit and kaboodle in for pressing. Shirts are still up in the air. Leisa devloped an awesome design, but we're not so sure that people want Lager t-shirts, so... we're waffling.

We're doing open mics at the Duck in preparation. I believe our next one is this Monday night, so if you want a preview, feel free to join us. :)
Mixing was completed over the weekend. Last night we set the order for the CD and burned copies for the group. We'll spend the next week or so listening to this "draft" and make sure we like the songs in that order. Mastering is set for the middle of September.

We also had a first look at the cover art, which was very cool, and discussed the rest of the packaging and production. Things are moving along!

Save the date!

Lager Rhythms CD Release
Sunday, November 14th at 6pm
McGonigel's Mucky Duck
Last night was very productive, so today is mostly about tweaking any minor issues and finishing up one more song. Plans are in place for the mastering in mid-September. So much to do!!
Last night we had to do a fair bit of tweaking, so we were only able to get through another three songs. That's 14 ready for mastering and 6 more to go. We know it's possible to get though 6 in one session, but it's going to take a concerted effort. We'll see how it goes tonight.

Mastering is only available during the day, and so only a small number of the group will be able to participate. Sadly, I'm not one of them. :(

The CD release will be at McGonigel's Mucky Duck -- Sunday, November 14th, at 6pm. Cool piece of info for the show -- We have Emily Dugas doing sound! Wheeeee!

Plus, yo, [ profile] follybard, we need to talk to you!
Last night we got through a record SEVEN additional songs, plus we did a tiny bit of tweaking to a couple of the songs from the first session. That's a total of 11 for those of you who are counting, and that means we are over the halfway mark for the mixing!

*dance of joy*

We are scheduled to continue mixing this Thursday and Friday, plus Saturday if we need it.

The CD release concert has a tentative date, but we are waiting for a definite commitment before we start advertising. Shouldn't be long now!
We had our first mixing session on Monday, and got through 4 (out of 20) songs. As two of the songs were pretty heavy on the need for mixing, I'd say that was a pretty good session. Having listened to the songs on headphones, I think we did a good job with them, and will only have a few tiny things to clean up before we continue on to the next...16 songs (*gulp*). Next week we are scheduled to mix for three nights. It's gonna be a rough week. Expect much sleepiness.

For those of you who are keeping track, the songs we have now mixed include:

  • I Walk the Line

  • This Evenfall

  • Underdog

  • xxxxxx (No! We refuse to tell you the name of this song!)

Although we do plan to get out to some coffeehouses and open mics during the production phase of the CD, the mystery song will not be debuted before the CD release party. Mwa-ha-ha-ha! (Mine is an evil laugh!)
That was amazingly fun! Clearly when we're in the studio we go way too long between gigs. An extra special THANKS goes out to [ profile] schroedingerbat for being our friendly "audient."

Oh, and drunk people make for great audience participation. :)

Lager News

Mar. 1st, 2010 10:38 am
Lager Rhythms will be performing at the Mucky Duck's open mic this evening. We're shooting for a 9:30ish performance, but we are, as always, at the mercy of the stage.

There is a rumor that we will be (1) debuting a brand new song at this gig, and (2) recording the performance for use in our next CD...but, of course, these rumors cannot be substantiated.

You should all come to see us!!
Some of you may know that I occasionally arrange music for Lager Rhythms. Well, more like transcribe if you want to be technically correct. It's not like I add anything to the music; I just write what I hear. This is easy to do when it's just voices, but much harder when changing instruments into voice parts for an a cappella band.

It's even harder when you read music as poorly as I do. I have no musical training, so I don't understand chord spellings and the like. That means I actually need to listen to each line of music and write them down as though they were alone, then play the whole thing together (thank $diety for Finale) and see if any of the "chords" sound wrong. I can't just look at it and say, "oh, that's D minor, it should have a K-flat at the top." Silly me.

The way it usually works for me is that I listen to the lead, and write it down using eighths or quarters, and then adjust the length of the notes to make it sound correct. This goes by sets of only one or two measures at a time. I do the same thing for the base line, which is usually a little easier, since the basses don't generally have a lot of fiddly bits. Once the lead and the bass are done, it's time to figure out who sings what in the middle.

This is where knowing chord spellings would be particularly helpful. On top of that, I have to try to hear where the notes will fit into a certain vocal range. Will it be high in the tenor register, or low in the soprano register? Which way would it sound better? And, once that's over, what syllable would make it work? (That's actually a critical question. We have changed the whole sound of a song by changing the background syllables. There's a thesis in there somewhere...)

So, needless to say, it's slow going, which is why I've been happy to let others take the load for a while now. But, we're trying very hard right now to get enough music to fill the next CD, and we need a few more songs to get there, so I'm back in the saddle. Still no better at it, but doing what I can. ;)

This weekend I finally finished up King of Spain. There are probably some things that the group will futz with, we do that a lot, but it's good enough to bring in and start learning. [ profile] drangelo is going to be very happy. He has wanted LR to sing this song since before he auditioned for the group. How long has that been now? Years and years, to be sure.

Next up -- I cover Paul and Storm. :)
Sunday, April 5, 2009
Anderson Fair
Doors open 4 pm, singing starts around 5 pm
Tickets $10 at the door
Anderson Fair is located at 2007 Grant St., Houston TX 77006, one block east of Montrose at the corner of Welch and Grant, right behind Texas Art Supply.

We have also created a Facebook event that you can join - 'cuz we're just that cool!
Yo, Lager fans! Lager Rhythms has an updated website, a facebook page, and -- you know you've been waiting for it -- an upcoming GIG!

Mark your calendars!

When: Sunday, March 15, 6:00 pm,
with our good friends Traveler.
Where: McGonigel's Mucky Duck
2425 Norfolk, Houston TX 77098, 713-528-5999
How Much: $15 - a bargain for *two* groups!

If you haven't received an email from the Lager List in the past couple of days (and it was a good one!), hop on over to the website and make sure you're on the email list.
Due to a communication issue at Valhala, we have had to postpone the Lager gig that was scheduled for this evening.  (Boo!)  We don't have a definite date yet, but we expect it to be in April (probably early April).

On the good side, that gives you guys more time to make plans to attend, and you don't have to skip church to do so.

Still grumpy, though.
It's a small one, but still:

Lager Rhythms will be singing at the graduate student bar, Valhalla, next Friday.  This will be the first time that our newest tenor, Ladd, will be performing with us, and we are all very excited to see how he fares in front of a live group of hecklers fans.  If you are in the area, come on out and see us!

When:  Friday, March 21st, 6:00 pm (or thereabouts)
Where:  Rice University, Valhalla
Why:  Because you love us
How:  By car!  By train!  By plane!  By covered wagon!

And it's FREE!!!!  (But not the beer, sorry.  Buy beer.  Listen to music.  A good time will be had by all.)
Lights in the Heights is this Saturday, from 6-10pm, and, once again, Lager Rhythms will be performing.

The route this year includes Woodland, Bayland, and Highland.  We will be at 911 Woodland.  It looks like we'll be across the street from the Houston Saengerbund.  As long as they don't bring along their motorcycles, I think we'll be ok.  ;)

There is a parade scheduled for 6-6:15, so I don't expect to start the first set until about 6:30pm.  We should be doing three sets of about 20-25 minutes each, as usual.  This year, there will be some new music, as well as old favorites, and you'll be able to witness the debut of our newest alto, Shai The Magnificent!

We hope to see you there!
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