Research at Washington University’s Center for Genome Sciences indicats that the bacteria in your gut affects your caloric intake from the food you consume.

It's an interesting article and, believe me, I would love to just increase a certain type of bacteria in my gut to help lose weight, but it was this excerpt that has me irked:

In a study of a dozen dieting people, the results also were dramatic.

Before dieting, about 3 percent of the gut bacteria in the obese participants was Bacteroidetes. But after dieting, the now normal-sized people had much higher levels of Bacteroidetes — close to 15 percent, Gordon said.

“I think that gut bacteria affects body weight,” said Virginia Commonwealth University pathology professor Richard Atkinson, who wasn’t part of the research team and is president of Obetech Obesity Research Center in Richmond. “I don’t think there’s any doubt about that and they showed that.”

Who else here reads this as weight affecting gut bacteria and not as gut bacteria affecting weight?  Is it just me?


Sep. 27th, 2006 09:48 am
Took my first ever yoga class yesterday.  As it turns out, working with the Rodney Yee DVD has made me very flexible.  I was able to do all of the extended positions that the instructor took us through.  There were several strength/balance moves, however, where I could really feel my muscles shaking.  Afterwards my legs were kind of wombly, so I guess it was a good class.  :)

The woman who teaches the class is a tiny little 61-year old, and she is freaking ripped.  I like her.
Today my company had an Open House at the Health & Fitness Center.  I used to go when it was free, but then they did a complete rebuild, and we had to sign up to participate, so I stopped going.  (Well, there were other reasons why I stopped going, but it was a barrier to restarting.)  The price is absolutely miniscule ($8/month), so that was no problem, it was just the idea of going to go sign up.  Don't ask.

So, now I have signed up and have become a member of the HFC.  There is a one-hour Hatha yoga class on Tuesday evenings that will fit just perfectly into my schedule.  If that is the only thing I do, it will be equivalent to $2/class.  I am totally psyched.

Plus, it is really a great facility, with a lot of equipment and a lot of different programs, most of them free.  They did a great job rebuilding the place.  I am glad I finally got over the hump and signed up. 
I took advantage of the tax holiday this weekend to go out and buy some more pants that actually fit.  The last time I bought dress pants, most of them were a size 10, with a few size 8s that were within a few pounds of fitting.  Lately, they have all been too big, even the 8s, so it was time to restock.

Most of the 8s that I tried on fit fine.  A couple were too big, and a couple were too short waisted, but none were too tight.  I never once thought of trying on a 6.  This is the way my brain works.  My last set of pants were mostly 10s, so I must be an 8 now, right?  What's more, I was a size 6 right before my Dad died in 1997, and then I was about 18 pounds lighter than I am now.  So how could I possibly be a 6?

Vanity sizing, that's how.

My goal is to eventually weigh about what I did in late 1997.  I was a size 6 then, so I just assumed that I was shooting for a size 6 now.  Where was my brain?  If I'm a "small" 8 right now (or even a 6, who the hell knows any more), there's no way I'm going to still be a 6 after another 18 pounds.  I'll probably be a 4.  A 4??!  That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. 

What moron decided that women needed to be fooled into believing that they are thinner than they were before?  Why are our sizing charts not only different between designers, but now between years as well?  When will the numbers have any real meaning associated with our measurements?  Can I propose a bill into Congress about this?

*fuming* - but thinner

Of course, these are all pants sizes.  I will never be a 4, or even a 6, on top.  That's what you get when you are built like a short, stocky, baseball player.  :)
Several of you already know that I've been on a plateau on my weight loss journey for a while now.  I haven't let it get me down.  In fact, it was nice to have clothes that continued to fit for a reasonable amount of time.  (look!  a silver lining!)

Well, I have continued on with the program through the plateau, including several trips, celebrations, work stress, and more.  I made a decision a couple of weeks ago to recommit to doing yoga at least three times a week, and I feel better already.  I found a few food alternatives that have been very satisfying.  I've been waking up earlier and getting to work on time.  I've generally been in a much better mood.  :)

It looks like this is working.  As of yesterday I have reached a weight loss of 70 pounds on the nose.  Only 17.2 more to go!

(looks ilke it may be time to buy some more pants...) ;)


Jun. 23rd, 2006 12:11 pm
Seen on a weight loss LJ:

"I'm not fat.  I'm pregnant with ice cream's baby."

I believe I have become complacent in my weight loss journey.  My caloric intake is still pretty good, but I haven't exercised since China (April).  I know why this has happened.  Unfortunately, I look pretty good at this weight, which is still about 20 pounds over my personal goal, so there isn't the same drive to work at losing.

It's time to reaffirm my goals!!

...and get off of my (smaller) butt.
I had mentioned earlier that my body had been flirting with the 65 pound mark, and that it was getting annoying.  Well, my complaining apparently made a difference, because I am now officially 67 pounds down!  Woo hoo!  I believe that means I only have 20 pounds to go before I reach goal.  I haven't set an "official" goal yet, but I think 87 is probably a good number for me.  It puts me on the high side of normal for my 5'1" height, but I'm pretty muscular, so I don't think it would look bad, and I know it wouldn't be an unhealthy weight.  Not that I look too bad now, but I'm just sayin.  :)
My body has been flirting with getting to a 65 pound loss for weeks now.  Unfortunately, it's a big tease, and refuses to go through with anything.

However, I am wearing size 8 jeans today.  Woot!
"Just remember: Nothing tastes as good as thin feels."

Um... I think you're forgetting cake.

I hear this phrase all the time in WW, so the response really made me laugh.
Houston has dropped this year to the fifth fattest city down from number one.

I just wanted to say -- you're welcome, Houston.  ;)



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