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Mar. 8th, 2012 11:44 am
[personal profile] theoriginalblurker
I haven't been posting here, but I have continued to read and comment on my friends' posts.

Information on me (in case you were wondering):
  • My shoulder continues to pain me - for far too long.  PT is both helping and hurting, but I may be seeing a light at the end of a long painful tunnel.
  • Went to JCCC2 (with Angelo, Andy A, and Karen A) and had a great time.  The entertainment was great, but I would be happy just cruising around with those three.  :)  We sang Schoolhouse Rock at an open mic with just the four of us.  It's available on youtube.
  • Transitioning out of the tactical part of Job of Doom, but keeping the strategy stuff.  Taking on more of the science side of my job again will make me happy, and staying involved in the strategy section of JoD should keep my career on track.
  • Lager Rhythms has our first Texas Tour concert scheduled for March 31st in Austin.  We set up a Facebook Event that everyone here should have already seen.  If not, let me know and I'll send an invite!  Another concert is in development...
  • I received an MVP award for much of the JoD work I've done over the past year.  We get a trip to San Diego!
  • My brother's oldest cat has passed.  She was the first pet he ever had, a pure Russian Blue that he found wandering outside at work in 1994.  Since then he has had a number of cats, but Keiko just kept on trucking through them all.  He's pretty upset about it, as is my Mom.
  • Bought a new Miata.  This one is copper red mica and is named Molly.  The dealer bought Spike for a good price, and I believe they have already sold him to a good home, so I was happy.  Molly is speedy!
  • I appear to be back on track in my weight loss (ignoring the fact that I was just on a cruise...).  I am fitting back into smaller clothes, and my work pants are all a little too big in the waist now.  Yesterday I noticed that they had become too long as well, which is always amusing.
That's all for now.  I hope the title of the post has given you the same ear-worm it has given me.  :)
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