It's been a while since I've had a chance to write anything.  Once Owlcon was over I had a major job-related project (two, really) that took every spare second.  This is what has happened since the Con...

  • Still reorienting myself after last week's major brain dump. Two of the biggest performances I've had career-wise, and back to back at that. I'm watching the fallout even as we speak, and so far so good.
  • We decided to take a piece of last year's bonus and buy a grill. (Finally!) We had an old gas grill for years that had degraded to the point where we weren't comfortable using it, so we've been grill-less for several years now. A year or so ago I went shopping for grills and was stymied by the cost vs materials issue, so we ended up just not getting anything. When I got my bonus in December, we decided to designate a chunk as "let's do something we normally wouldn't do" money. It could have been a trip, or some sort of service, or a purchase, and we decided to go for the grill. It's a stainless steel Weber, which we wouldn't have bought otherwise, and it should arrive Saturday.
  • We also picked up a new phone, which means that we have a new answering machine message. Those of you who were sick of the old one can now enjoy Angelo's latest artistic endeavor. There are two handsets in this one, which helps me on the days when I have 9 hours of concalls and am working from home. Darned battery!
  • Over December break I did the bridesmaid thing with Megan and picked out a dress. The dress came last week, and now we need to find shoes and an undergarment before we can get the thing altered. It's a very rich navy color (almost sapphire), halter style top, with a mini train. I like it a lot. :)
  • While the trees were dormant, we decided to have an arborist come in and help us to make sure they weren't damaging the house. Having five live oaks on our little postage stamp of a piece of property is pretty ridiculous, but he gave them a significant pruning to make sure they wouldn't fight with each other, and we asked for a root barrier as well, to assuage my Durkon-like fears that they would destroy the foundation of the house some day. (In preparation for this we also had a foundation person come check the foundation, and all was well there too. Yay!) So, now the oaks look more like oaks; you can really see what they're going to look like when they're more mature, and it's pretty cool.


Jan. 5th, 2011 10:10 am
The alt-text for today's xkcd is MINE -- ALL MINE!!
If you do not follow xkcd (and, dude, why the hell wouldn't you??) you must take a look at his views on Height and Depth.  There is just so much to love about these two comics.  If Randall does do posters of them, as many fans have requested, I will own them.  Oh yes, I will.
Ordered the Canon SD1000 Elph yesterday.  It's cheaper than the 750, and it has a viewfinder.  I'm sure it will do for what I need.

Phone is still up in the air.

What do you guys think about the Zune?  I would want the smaller 4GB or 8GB flash unit.  Any pros or cons that you have heard?

ETA: Decided on the Cowon iAUDIO7 - 8GB


Dec. 19th, 2007 01:35 pm
I've been feeling the need to update some of my gadgetry.  Nothing phenomenally expensive in mind, just looking at my camera, mp3 player, and phone.  Right now I have the following:

Camera:  Canon S330 Digital Elph
I adore this camera.  The only thing I would like to improve here is a little more Mp, and addition of redeye reduction, which are included in all the new Elphs.  I really like the feel and size of the 330, and so I plan to stay with the Elph.  I'm looking at the 750, but I could be persuaded to go for another Elph model.

mp3:  iRiver iFP-700
I am very happy with this player, but I would like to increase my storage to 2GB.  The T-10 looks like a good match for me.

Phone:  Motorola E815
Meh.  I'm not unhappy with this phone.  Mostly I hate Verizon's user interface, and the way they lock their phones.  Unfortunately, they have great coverage and great sound, and I've had very good luck with their customer service, so I'm not looking for a switch.  I just want a cooler phone.  ;)  My two year contract is up, so I can get $100 off of my next phone with another 2 year contract.

Thoughts from the gadgeteers?
WoW fans deconstruct the infamous WoW episode.

This is just for [ profile] paracoon.
I'm in a committee meeting right now to develop a standard solder spread test. That's not important.

We're putting together a test plan and have come to the end of listing all of the parameters to include. The chair of the meeting calls out, "What are we forgetting?" in order to help us to make sure we have all of the parameters we need.

I immediately think, "I cast defensively!" But, luckily, I do not say this out loud.




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