I just had three meetings in a row (back to back), where I was:

  1. used as a technical consultant for a subject where I have significant experience

  2. added value to the discussion by examining the relevant data and making suggestions as to how to proceed

  3. did not end up "owning" the project or the next steps associated with the project

THIS is what I should be doing at my job. Color me amazed.
I am one of only 9 women in my company who have been selected to attend the SWE (Society of Women Engineers) conference in November.  I have no idea who entered my name for consideration (and I have asked several people), but this is way freaking cool, and I owe someone here at work a debt of gratitude.

The conference is in Baltimore this November, and I expect it will be a great opportunity for networking, as well as a great learning experience.  Yay me!
My sister-in-law is getting married next Valentine's Day, and she has asked that [livejournal.com profile] drangelo and I sing at the wedding. We're looking for song suggestions that would be appropriate for alto/tenor and would sound good a cappella.

Suggest away!
Well, three suppliers down and one to go!

I'm at my last audit right now, and it looks like it's going to be a fast one. I will probably be done on Wedesday, and have Thursday to sit around the hotel and act like a rich VIP. ;) Maybe I'll get a massage. I had one the last time I was here and it was terrific. *sigh*

IT Rocks!

Oct. 17th, 2006 03:28 pm
I just wanted to say here, in front of the world (my world, at least), that my IT support here at work rocks.

Yay for useful IT people!
I am creating an blog internal to my company's intertubes, where we will be discussing materials and reliability issues associated with electronics.  I'm looking for a really cool sounding name for the blog.  It's got to be better than "Reliability Chat," which was my first idea.  (How embarrassing!)  I'm hoping for something that indicates "a repository of all reliability info and knowledge."

As I followed the directions for overseas travel, I arrived at IAH 3 hours before my flight. Saying that I had plenty of time is a bit of an understatement. Of course, I'm sure had I not given myself all that extra time, the pilot would have decided that he wanted to leave early. There is precedent. ;)

With all of the hoopla about not bringing liquids, gels, pastes, or any other possibly dangerous items on board, you would think that the security personnel at IAH would have stopped the woman in front of me who walked on with a water bottle. Drinking from it. Walked right onto the plane, ha-yup. WTFBBQ?

The good news is that Singapore Airlines, which I took over from LAX to Singapore, gave out toothbrushes with little toothpaste tubes to all of the passengers. They also had moisturizer in the bathrooms. Yay! The flight over was really very pleasant. It was scheduled to run 17 hours but we made it in 15.5 hours. So, we got in at around 4:30 am Singapore time (that's 3:30 pm for you Houstonians -- everyone else, do your own math!).

I slept most of Sunday, so I won't get to run around at all until this weekend. At least I'm back in the Shangri-La hotel. Happy sigh.
I'm finding it difficult to get motivated back at work.  I can't seem to start anything on my own, even though I know there were things I wanted to get going after the new year.

Any suggestions?



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